CPS is a privately held company engaged in the provision of customized pharmacy management services to long term care facilities and correctional institutions. The company was originally established in 1976, when the owners, Wayne and Jean Shafer, purchased a retail pharmacy in Hatboro, PA and renamed it Wayne Pharmacy. Over the next 10 years, they grew their retail pharmacy business to three stores and expanded into the long-term care field by serving several local nursing homes in nearby Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

In 1986 the company was presented with an opportunity to provide medications at a local county correctional facility. Over the next several years, the owners realized that there was an opportunity to grow the company in the newly developing market for providing healthcare to inmates in correctional facilities, as well as the expanding marketplace for professional pharmacy services in long-term care facilities.

In 1988 a new company, Contract Pharmacy Services, was established to serve the long-term care and correctional care markets. Shortly thereafter space adjacent to the flagship store in Hatboro, PA was purchased and the long-term care and correctional care operations moved into the new location in Hatboro.

In the early 1990’s, the Shafer’s decided to focus their pharmacy business on the long-term care and correctional care markets. The community retail pharmacies were sold to expand their pharmacy operation to accommodate more institutional clients. The company currently operates one 38,000 square foot institutional pharmacy in Warrington, PA as well as several pharmacies located within nursing facilities in Pennsylvania. The Warrington pharmacy serves both our clients in correctional facilities as well as our long-term care clients.

Over the last 3 decades, CPS has become a leader in institutional pharmacy by recognizing and responding to the changing requirements of the industry, including greater emphasis on cost control and the increased need for timely information management. By recognizing the unique aspects of our clients, our experienced personnel work with each site’s professional staff to design an efficient and cost effective pharmacy system that meets the needs of patients, medical personnel, and staff.

In response to the growing changes in healthcare information systems, CPS has developed state-of-the-art electronic prescribing and documentation systems that help our clients reduce the amount of time spent on the manual processing and transfer of information. Our eCorrRx™ and eSenior ™ systems are unique products that are leading the marketplace in electronic data capture and transmission.

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